The V International conference PHONETICS TODAY will be held on October 8-10, 2007 under the aegis of the Russian Language Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences) in Moscow. We invite papers in all areas of phonetic sciences including, but not exclusively:

- Articulatory phonetics
- Acoustic and auditory phonetics
- Methods and techniques in instrumental phonetics 
- Word and sentence prosody

Issues in phonological theory

- Phonological description of languages (papers within any framework are welcome)
- Orthoepy 
- Sociophonetics
- Fieldwork in phonetics and phonology
- Historical phonetics and phonology

- Trends in phonological developments
Languages in contact
First language acquisition
Second language acquisition

        All talks will be for 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion.

Paper submission
To submit a PAPER, please send your abstract, of no more than 2 pages in 12-point font, 1.5-spaced. Authors are asked to submit their abstracts no later than March 1, 2007, as RTF files either by e-mail attachment or by post (a diskette plus one hard copy). Please include name, address, affiliation, and e-mail or other contact information.

Panel submission
There will be several slots to accommodate panel proposals. Panels will include three or four speakers with one speaker serving as a moderator. 
To submit a PANEL proposal, please send us the panel title,  name of the moderator and abstracts as described above. Please note that we have a limited number of slots for panel proposals, and  earlier submissions will have an advantage.

Student session
Traditionally there are special graduate studentsí sessions within the framework of the conference and graduate students are encouraged to submit their proposals.

The official conference languages are Russian and English.

Send your proposals to the following address:
Department of Phonetics
Russian Language Institute
Volkhonka 18/2
Moscow 119019
e-mail: phoneticstoday@yandex.ru

The conference committee will meet early in May to finalize the selection process. We will notify you of your acceptance status by May 15, 2007.